Have you noticed your skin isn’t as fresh as it used to look or feel? Feeling a bit tired or run down lately? Have you been neglecting yourself?

If any of those are a ‘yes’ you need to visit ‘The… Continue reading

Recent statistics reveal that heroin-related deaths have doubled in 2012 compared to last year, according to local law enforcement officials.

There have been 14 opiate-related deaths this year, according to Bob Wachsmuth of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station’s Juvenile… Continue reading

The recipe below is my version of a nut bread recipe (but completely different) which is in my mom’s Better Homes andErin Walgamuth Gardens cookbook from the 1960’s. I love to take the old classics and dress them up a bit,… Continue reading

, Staff Writer

On the streets it’s call “Smiles,” but it’s nothing to smile about. The newest synthetic drug to hit the streets, 2C-I, is responsible for two teen deaths in the Midwest. Witnesses described the 17-year-old… Continue reading

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